Online Voice Training

A step-by-step online instruction course to develop your speaking and singing voice

How to Find Your Voice!

  • Reduce Tension and Throat Pain 
  • Increase Vocal Volume and Range
  • Strengthen Voice Tone
  • Breathe for the Voice
  • Increase Personal Presence
  • Build Vocal Confidence

Improve the Sound of Your Voice

Many people believe that great voices are only given to a handful of 'talented' people. However, few people see thehours of specialized training that professional speakers, singers and actors undertake in order to develop their voices and stage presence. What you may think of as special talent is hours of dedicated practice of fundamental voice techniques.

The facts are that anyone who can talk has all the necessary components to develop a truly beautiful speaking and singing voice. You simply have to learn some very basic and simple techniques and your voice improves, as if by magic!

The Kelly Kerr Vocal Method gives you access to the vocal secrets of the world's greatest singers, actors and vocal performers. 

  • Do you have a hard time making yourself heard?
  • Do you want to change the sound of your voice?
  • Do you wish others would LISTEN to you when you speak?
  • Does your throat hurt when you speak for extended periods?
  • Are you stuck in old vocal expressions that don't reflect your true feelings or personality?

Vocal Fundamentals 101

Kelly Kerr translates the traditional voice techniques used by the world's greatest speakers, singers and actors into a step-by-step, online training course anyone can use to improve the sound of their voice.

Find the voice you've always dreamed of.

Every voice has it's own unique tonal signature. 

Discover Yours Today!

Vocal Fundamentals: Lessons 1 - 4

Beta Sessions begin: May 2020


Lesson 1: How to Release Vocal Tension

The most essential vocal movements you must know in order to find and strengthen your voice.

  • How and where your voice is produced.
  • Nine fundamental movements that form the basis of all voice techniques. 
  • ONE movement you must know to unlock your vocal power.


Lesson 2: How to Breathe for the Voice

Learn the first essential breathing techniques that support and power your voice.

  • How and where to breathe first for the voice
  • What is breath support
  • Parts of the breathing cycle
  • First breathing exercises


Lesson 3: How to Find Your Voice

In this lesson you will discover the sound of your clear, healthy voice. 

  • How to find your core vocal tone.
  • Initiating the tone.
  • The Thread of the Voice
  • Resonance
  • How to "Tune" your vocal instrument


Lesson 4: Strengthen the Voice

Vocal Exercises to increase breathing capacity and strengthen your core voice.

  • Breath Control - How to govern the location and speed of your air flow.
  • How to stop "Running out of breath".
  • How to release throat tension when you are full of air
  • Vocal warm-ups that actually WORK!

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

Each lesson provides a week's worth of learning materials with specifically targeted exercises to save you time in the practice room.

  • Live online group lessons
  • Video and audio instructions
  • Mid weekly practice reminders and support article

Kelly Kerr

Kelly Kerr has created the Kelly Kerr Vocal Method to, finally, establish a set of standards in voice teaching. For too long, the special skills that have been taught in private voice and acting studies have been out of reach to the non-professional learner. Kelly has a special way of making formerly complicated voice and breathing information UNDERSTANDABLE and easy to adapt.

Having been a working singer, speaker and teacher for most of her life, she teaches the techniques SHE uses on a daily basis to keep her voice supple and conditioned. She makes learning fun with her humorous examples and enjoyable practice materials. 

Voice Lessons

What people are saying about Maestra Kelly Kerr

Mark M 


I am a totally different singer, now. 

"Kelly, your lessons have taught me so much about voice mechanics, projection, care, technique, breathing, and so on. I had no idea I could accomplish what I have working with you the past few month. I am a totally different singer.  Besides being a stronger singer, I am now able to take risks that I never could before, pull them off with confidence and with stamina."

Bill M


She is an absolute HOOT to work with!

"Kelly Kerr’s methods are unconventional relative to my past experience. Having studied with some exceptional vocal instructors over the years at Cornish College of the Arts, Seattle and Berklee College of Music, Boston. My vocal range and endurance have improved over a very short period. I look forward to continued improvement working with Kelly and adapting her methodologies. As a bonus, she is an absolute hoot to work with!"

Marie J 


Wow, my speaking voice has completely changed!

"As a company founder I often speak to investors and partners. My voice sounded quite young for the information I was trying to communicate. I sought out Kelly to help me find my "Power Voice". Kelly showed me how to increase my voice volume and develop a personal presence that compels people to listen to me!"

Lessons 1 - 4 Now Available

The first four lessons of the Vocal Fundamentals 101 series



  • Find your unique, healthy vocal tone.
  • Simple, step-by-step instructions
  • Access to live online classes
  • One month of learning materials
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  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
Advanced course

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  • Lifetime Access
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  • X number of bonuses
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • 30 minute private coaching call

A personal note from Kelly

I am excited to offer this practical voice instruction course based upon the treasured techniques handed down through generations to me from my voice coaches. These traditional voice techniques have stood the test of time through countless iterations of style and culture.

NO LONGER will a beautiful voice remain out of your reach. NOW, you can learn the exact techniques used by the world's greatest speakers, actors and singers. I look forward to having you in class!