Kerr Kerr presents the fundamental vocal techniques that have trained generations of the worlds’ greatest singers, actors and speakers.  Now anyone can learn the techniques formerly available only in private vocal studios and elite musical conservatories.

The Kelly Kerr Vocal Method provides an in depth study of the fine movements that a build strong healthy voice, with clear explanations and targeted strengthening exercises to support the learning practice.

  • How to unwind your voice from habitual language and singing patterns that impede healthy vocal techniques.
  • Strengthen your voice with small movements that build skill, range and volume over time.
  • Each lesson contains 21+ days of learning and practice materials.

Lesson One – Introduction to the Voice – The Vocal Core

November 2015
Mechanics of the Voice – Fundamentals

  • Identify the main parts of your Vocal Core
  • Ten essential movements to release and strengthen your voice.
  • Preparation for breathing.
  • How to practice
  • Vocal Health – Why and How

Lesson Two – Introduction to Breathing

December 2015
It’s ALL about the Breathing. Why is breathing so important to vocal beauty and health.

  • The Language of Breath – Vocabulary
  • The first stages of the Breath
  • How and where to begin to breathe for the voice.
  • Guided breathing exercises

Lesson Three – Vocal Core Mechanics & Breathing – Part 2

January 2016
The second set of essential movements to unlock and align the vocal core.

  • Head, neck, shoulder, chest and the smaller movements to strengthen vocal core.
  • Increase breath capacity.
  • Breath Control – How to begin to gauge the rate of the inhale and exhale.
  • Practices to coordinate the breathing and strengthen the vocal core
  • Beginning voice exercises

Lesson Four – Stance, Posture, Presence and Breathing

February  2016

  • Proper posture and structural support for the body.
  • Placement of feet and lower body. Balance.
  • How to open the posture.
  • The relationship of breath to posture.
  • How to own and become comfortable with your real, authentic aligned
  • posture.
  • How posture and breathing are related to stage presence.
  • How to breathe to inflate and sustain an open posture.
  • Expand the capacity and speed of the breath – Breath Control