About Kelly Kerr

"How does such a little girl have such a HUGE voice?" The most often asked question of my youth.  

Kelly Kerr, a child vocal prodigy, began her classical voice training at age nine when displayed the voice of a fully developed woman. 

Her teachers challenged her to master the enduring art form of singing that would translate to any style of song or spoken word. What many thought was luck of the draw of pure talent, was actually the result of intense and rigorous training of fundamental breathing and singing principles from her teachers, masters of voice. 

She received numerous college vocal scholarships and attended prestigious musical theater and operatic training programs. She attended the award-winning, Minnesota Opera Ensemble under the direction of H. Wesley Balk, where the intersection of voice, movement, energy systems, body alignment combined to develop, "Radiant Performance," a syle of performance wherein the performer glows with presence and intention.

Ms Kerr has distilled the essential voice and performance techniques that allow professional singers and speakers to perform, night after night, with beauty, nuance and accuracy into a foundational voice training method that anyone* can use to develop a beautiful singing and speaking voice.  She knows the necessity of frequent practice and includes fun exercises that make practice time truly enjoyable. 

Her ideal students come with beginner’s mind, willing to suspend previous ideas about voice and persona. (Even advanced students must re-approach  fundamentals anew from time to time.) They will apply consistent practice time and attention to strengthen the small, yet mighty movements that create vocal strength and confidence. 

With consistent, mindful practice the student will find their authentic, clean powerful voice. The breathing exercises will fuel the voice as well as the entire spiritual and physical body and the student exhibits a bigger sense of wholeness and confidence.

Among her vocal clients are professional and amateur singers and speakers, other vocal instructors, musicians and actors as well as the so-called tone deaf, asthmatics, shallow breathers, psychotherapists, body workers, Doctors and holistic health practitioners.

She has coached business presentation speaking for private business as well as Seattle University, Fledge Start-up Accelerator and various Seattle Start-Up events.  She has taught at the Whole Life Expo, the Women of Wisdom Conference, for professional retreats and choirs of all shapes and sizes.  

Kelly has sung with the Seattle and SW Washington Symphonies, Anchorage, Minnesota, Tacoma, Hidden Valley Opera Companies, innumerable private banquets, conventions and sacred performances. She has appeared in over one hundred TV and radio commercials, co-hosted live TV charity telethons.

Her voice curriculum, The Kelly Kerr Vocal Method, benefits anyone who wishes to own the understanding of the power of breath, voice and frequency to realign and strengthen the body and heal the heart.

*Anyone? Yes. Anyone. Even if you think you can't "Sing your way out of a paper bag" or your speaking voice sounds like a frog, or you think you're, tone deaf. If you can talk you have all you need to develop a beautiful voice. NOW, you have a step-by-step instruction manual that shows you HOW to find that voice.