An Instruction Course for the Voice

Learn the vocal techniques used by the greatest speakers and singers of the world.

  • How to speak or sing for hours without hurting your throat.
  • Improve the core tone quality of your unique voice.
  • Increase volume.
  • Breathing for vocal production.
  • Proper posture for vocal support and stage presence.
  • Reverse “Tone Deafness”.
  • Build vocal confidence.

The Kelly Kerr Vocal Method is a step by step, instruction course to build a strong, healthy voice. Lessons include:

  • Lesson videos
  • Audio practice materials
  • Class notes
  • Additional educational resources to support vocal study

Lesson One – Mechanics of the Voice

The most essential movements to strengthen the voice are contained in the very first lesson. These fundamental techniques comprise the foundation for the rest of your vocal training.

  • How the voice is produced.
  • Identify, release the first ten critical points of the vocal core.
  • Practice exercises to isolate and strengthen the core of the voice.
  • The mostĀ  important movement you must know to rest and strengthen the voice.

Lesson Two – BreathingĀ  Fundamentals

(Late November 2015)

  • Why it’s ALL about the Breathing
  • Vocabulary of the breath
  • How and where to breathe
  • Vocal safety and health
  • Beginning breath control
  • Increase breathing capacity

Lesson Three – Mechanics of the Voice – part 2 – (December 2015)

  • The second set of critical points to release and strengthen in the vocal core
  • Breathing support and development
  • Preparation for proper stance and posture