Kelly Kerr created the Kelly Kerr Vocal Method to provide essential voice training techniques for the beginning and advanced voice student.

Known as the "Little girl with the BIG voice" and "Volcano Voice,"  she began strict vocal studies at age nine to ensure she didn't hurt herself or others. (uh hem, to guide  and protect the young singer and prevent ear damage to the unsuspecting audience.)  What many thought was luck of the draw of pure talent, was actually the result of intense and rigorous training of fundamental breathing and singing principles from masters of voice. 

There are specific and essential voice techniques that allow professional singers and speakers to perform, night after night, with beauty, nuance and accuracy. Kelly Kerr has distilled these techniques into a foundational voice training method that anyone* can use to develop a beautiful singing and speaking voice.  She knows the necessity of frequent practice and includes fun exercises that make practice time truly enjoyable.  

*Anyone? Yes. Anyone. Even if you think you can't "Sing your way out of a paper bag" or your speaking voice sounds like a frog, or you think you're, tone deaf.      

If you can talk you have all you need to develop a beautiful voice. NOW, you have a step-by-step instruction manual that shows you HOW to find that voice.

Improve Your Speaking Voice Course

October 2022 Classes

Improve Your Singing Voice -  Six Week Intensive

October 2022 Classes