Vocal Fundamentals 101, the first trimester of the Kelly Kerr Vocal Method, opens and strengthens the most essential part of your vocal instrument.

In this step-by-step course you will learn the exact movements and techniques that professional actors and singers use to strengthen their vocal tone, increase volume and personal presence.

Module 1 Introduction to Vocal Fundamentals 101
Unit 1 Welcome!
Module 2 Voice Mechanics
Unit 1 Lesson One Introduction
Unit 2 Optimum Tempo
Unit 3 Voice Mechanics
Unit 4 Home Position
Unit 5 Home Position Exercise
Unit 6 Lesson One Summary
Module 3 Breathing Basics
Unit 1 Introduction Breathing Basics
Unit 2 Breathing Basics – Lecture
Unit 3 Comfortable Full
Unit 4 Stillness at the Top of the Breath
Unit 5 How to maintain an open throat at the top of the breath
Unit 6 Breath Control
Unit 7 Summary Breathing Basics
Unit 8 Breathing Basics Exercises
Unit 9 Summary Lessons One and Two
Module 4 How to Find Your Core Voice
Unit 1 Lesson Three Lecture
Unit 2 Initiating the Tone
Unit 3 Inside Voice
Unit 4 Inside Voice Pitch Line
Unit 5 Tuning the Vocal Instrument
Unit 6 Sustain pitch: 110hz, 220hz, 440hz
Unit 7 Lesson Three Summary
Unit 8 Lesson Three Exercises
Unit 9 Vocalise Top of the Breath
Module 5 Breathing Basics 2
Unit 1 Bottom of the Breath
Module 6 Stance
Unit 1 Stance Lecture and Demonstration
Unit 2 Stance
Module 7 Voice Tuning and Toning 2
Unit 1 Siren Exercise
Module 8 Vocal Exercises
Unit 1 List of Exercises
Unit 2 Home Position Exercise