Vocal Fundamentals 102 continues with the most basic and essential vocal techniques to discover and strengthen the vocal body.

  • Stance and How to "Ground" the Breath.
  • How to Open the Mouth.
  • Head Position
  • How to Open the Posture
  • Coached vocal strengthening exercises with musical accompaniment

With each technique, you unlock lifelong vocal tension and discover new facets of your naturally, strong and resonant voice.

  • Expand breathing capacity
  • Liberate and strengthen your middle voice.
  • Use your breathing, voice and posture to develop stage personal presence.

Lessons include:

  • Audio, video and written practice materials
  • Access to live weekly vocal workouts with Kelly Kerr
  • Access to private lessons with Kelly Kerr.
Module 1 Stance and the Grounded Breath
Unit 1 Stance
Module 2 Jaw
Unit 1 Jaw
Module 3 Head
Unit 1 Head Placement
Module 4 The Facial Mask
Unit 1 The Facial Mask
Unit 2 Nose and Sinuses
Unit 3 Cheeks
Unit 4 Facial mask workout
Unit 5 Voice in the Mask
Unit 6 Online Class #9
Unit 7 Notes from alpha online
Module 5 Embouchere
Unit 1 Embouchure
Module 6 Soft Palate
Unit 1 The Soft Palate
Module 7 Tongue
There are no units in this module.
Module 8 Ears
Unit 1 Ears
Module 9 Head Resonance
There are no units in this module.
Module 10 Breathing - The Swell
Unit 1 The Swell
Module 11 Stance - Hip rotation
Unit 1 Hip rotation
Module 12 Workouts
Unit 1 Vocal Workout 4/14/21
Unit 2 Vocal Workout 4/21/21
Unit 3 Vocal Workout 4/28/21
Module 13 Voice and Presence
There are no units in this module.
Module 14 Emotions, Breath and Tone
There are no units in this module.
Module 15 Vocal Workouts
Unit 1 Online Class #9
Module 16 Vocalise
Unit 1 Siren Exercise
Unit 2 Siren Exercise
Unit 3 Small siren exercises with piano
Unit 4 Sustain pitch: 110hz, 220hz, 440hz Copy
Module 17 Contrary Motion
There are no units in this module.