An Instruction Course for the Voice

Kelly Kerr - Creator, Kelly Kerr Vocal Method
Kelly Kerr – Creator, Kelly Kerr Vocal Method

Learn the vocal techniques used by the world’s greatest speakers and singers.

  • How to speak or sing without hurting your throat
  • Improve the tone quality of your voice
  • Increase voice volume
  • How to breath for vocal production
  • Proper posture for vocal support and stage presence
  • Reverse “Tone Deafness”
  • Build vocal confidence

The Kelly Kerr Vocal Method is a step by step, instruction course to build a strong, healthy voice. Lessons include:

  • Lesson videos
  • Audio practice materials
  • Class notes
  • Additional educational resources to support vocal study

Lesson One – Mechanics of the Voiceman-771804_640

The most essential movements to strengthen the voice are contained in the very first lesson. These fundamental techniques comprise the foundation for the rest of your vocal training.

  • How the voice is produced
  • Identify, release the first ten critical points of the vocal core
  • Practice exercises to isolate and strengthen the core of the voice
  • The mostĀ  important movement you must know to rest and strengthen the voiceo

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Lesson Two – BreathingĀ  Fundamentalsconcert-316464_640

  • Why vocal beauty and strength are ALL about the Breathing
  • Vocabulary of the breath
  • How and where to breathe
  • Vocal safety and health
  • Beginning breath control
  • Increase breathing capacity