Welcome to Vocal Fundamentals 101

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Congratulations and Welcome to the Kelly Kerr Vocal Method!

You’ve made a powerful choice to change how you sound to the world.  Although we are all born with the essential parts for a beautiful speaking and singing voice, few are given the actual skills to do so.

In this course you will begin to explore the range and possibilities of your voice with techniques tools used by the most beautiful voices in the world. You will learn how and what to practice to strengthen your innately beautiful voice. 

Whether your hope is to speak with more power or sing with more flexibility and range, you will now learn some powerful techniques to help you achieve your vocal goals. 

These simple techniques provide the basic foundation for a lifetime of continued vocal improvement and discovery!

Voice Training for Speakers and Singers

Learning Materials

Each chapter contains one or more of the following:

 - Written class notes

 - Audio or video instructions 

 - Audio practice materials
-  Four live online group classes with Kelly

Schedule practice time with no distractions

The Kelly Kerr Vocal Method lessons have been distilled from many decades of experience. My goal has been to define the most essential steps and simplify each so that anyone can build a glorious voice.

But, of course, the steps are not going to help you if you don’t take them.   

The principles and techniques you learn in this class are quite simple. In fact, they are so simple that it could be easy to take them for granted.

Yet, therein lies their power. The slower you move through these simple exercises, the more they reveal their treasure.

Turn off attention distractions, (media devices, music)  to help you remain focused upon what is happening inside of your body.

Even though the voice and breathing exercises  are simple, they require your full attention. The small movements and breathing patterns can easily be overridden by distracting actions in your environment. 

The first skill you learn in voice is the mind/body focus: How to maintain your focus upon the breath, sensation and sound inside the vocal mechanism. 

This level mental focus takes practice to become natural and is the key to your vocal success.


Consistent, weekly practice is critical in order to achieve deep and lasting new skills.

Schedule about 20 to 35 minutes a day, four or more times a week for focused practice.  

Even if you can only manage a few minutes of ‘mindful’ focus some days, that’s OK, too. Even a little bit of focused attention every day will bring subtle and significant changes to your voice.

Dedicated practice space

Carve out a special place in your home for your daily practices. You will spend some fine times in your solitary practice, so it is important to create an inviting and comfortable place.

Even if you don’t want to practice, please, just GO to your practice space and do something voice related in order to establish the habit. Just do it.

Practice Journal

You will need a journal for notes, drawings and insights. A PAPER diary.

When you change your voice, you also make fundamental changes in how you appear and sound to the world. These small changes happen gradually, yet create significant outcomes over time.  

Please use this journal to record your vocal insights, visions, questions and progress.


You will find a mirror in every voice studio in the land.

Your mirror is one of your best teachers. It will reflect to you the small movements that hinder your voice and breathing. And, you will learn small movements that need the confirmation from the mirror that you are, indeed, performing the proper moves.

You will learn how small habits of language, smiling, facial expressions and posture interfere with your best healthy voice. You will dis-entangle and rest these old language and expressive habits and learn precise, simple movements that support your core, healthy voice.

Results? When?

Although the phase can take you from three to four or more weeks, You will begin to unlock lifelong vocal tension in your very first lesson! 

These first, most basic techniques are the same the that form your most advanced vocal techniques.

With mindful practice, they become more comfortable and habitual. You will notice positive changes in both your breathing capacity (The fuel for your voice.) and your vocal tone throughout the course. You can expect ongoing improvement with your consistent practice and attention

It’s important to not skip any steps and maintain a consistent practice schedule, as they provide the foundation for the Vocal Fundamentals 102 and 103. Take your time and enjoy the learning process.

Important: Slower is faster.

Slow, mindful movements create strong body memories. With these habits, your body will automatically move into place when you open your mouth to speak or sing.


  • Acquire a voice training journal.  
  • Assign a specific ‘study’ space where you can practice your voice.
  • Install a full length and/or hand size mirror.
  • Answer journal/quiz questions below


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