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"Home" Position - First Warm-up

The techniques of Lesson One are your first warm-up exercises. All voice and breathing studies begin with the Home position. In fact, if you find one point in your vocal core is out of position, it is more important to gently dis-entangle the tension instead of attempting to move forward into sound making.

Lesson One Vocabulary

  • BREATH SUPPORT: The cushion of breath pressure in the lower two thirds of the body.
  • ENTANGLEMENT: An unnecessary connection between parts of the vocal core.
  • HOME POSITION: All main points of the vocal core are at rest.
  • OPTIMUM TEMPO: The speed at which you can accurately execute a technique
  • PITCH: The high and low sound of a tone. High sounds vibrate faster while lower sounds vibrate slower.
  • SOUND: Air vibrations between 20 to 20,000 times per second become audible.
  • VOCAL CORE: The upper third of the body where the vocal mechanism is located. Includes the larynx, lungs, heart, trachea, sinuses and head.
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