Positive: Hmmm * mm-hmm * mmmm 

  • ​Begin a healthy sound with ​​the ​ closed mouth expressions of "Hmm, mm-hmm and mmmm." Th​e​se sounds ​require very little effort​ ​ and teach you to release ​unnecessary tension​ in the larynx and vocal core. 
  • Notice that you must bring your voice volume very low in order to detect the smooth motion in your larynx that produces a ​clear, tension-free tone.

Negative: (n)uh-uh

"Glottal" - Term for attacking the vocal sound with a closed larynx. The sound produced is tense, strident and/or gravelly.  

When you initiate your vocal tone with constriction in the larynx, you have nowhere to go. The rest of your vocal phrase​ will likely​ be strident and limited in range. 

​This is one of the most critical moments of your vocal actions. When you can begin your vocal phrases easily, with zero constriction, your entire vocal mechanism will begin to yeild to your control.


​1. Practice the contrasting positive ​ and negative expressions ​of hmmm, um-hmm, mmm vs (n)uh-uh. 

2. ​Notice the subtle ​motions and sensations​ in your larynx​ that ​accompany each sound. 

* THIS subtle level of ​ open and closed larynx determines your overall tone quality. If you begin a sound with tension in the larynx, it will transfer to the rest of your entire body.

When you begin a vocal phrase with an open larynx, ​your vocal core opens and produces a clear, pleasant tone. 

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