• ​​Head, "y" axis​ 
  • Breathing - Integrate "y" axis with new level of “Comfortable Full”
  • Integrate/coordinate stance, head and breathing

​The fluid, up and down head rotation ​unlocks subtle and important spaces for your breath and voice. Take a ​bit of time each day to free up a few degrees of motion of the “y” axis​ and work out wiggles until you can move easily upwards and down in one smooth motion.


- Do you feel new sensations in the back of your head, neck, shoulders and upper back?   

-  When looking down, do you notice how your neck and the middle of your upper back stretch? 

Breathing​ and “y” axis 

​The goals for this course are to increase the volume and tone of your voice. You are now unlocking the very places where your body will naturally draw in more air. The more air you can contain within your body, the greater volume of air to move into sound waves.

Greater air volume = greater voice/sound volume.

With the release of the head “y” axis, bolts are flying off the doors off your former breathing limitations! Each time you free a few degrees of your head “y” axis, other parts of your body also respond. These new movements unlock your breathing body, causing it to swell to increase your breathing capacity, and the volume and strength of your voice.

New Comfortable Full 

​Today​, you will discover the new breath volume the “y” axis has made available to you.

​As your vocal core ​expands and ​increases, your level of comfortable ​sensation of “Full”  increases​. ​ Each inhale ​now easily fills to this full destination. 

Each time you warm up​, you will mentally access the level of your own air volume. Then you​ will adjust your vocal core to your solid stance, and allow your body to naturally swell and contract with more waves of air. ​

Now, instead of just breathing inward, you will practice drawing your breath into the nooks and crannies of your body in a logical order.

Exercise - Head "y" axis and breathing


  • Open and place the vocal core in neutral.  
  • Your jaw hangs with tongue on floor of your mouth
  • Mouth closed. Lips relaxed.
  • Ground and align your new stance.
  • Find your head neck “y’ axis.


  • Discover new “Comfortable Full”, a new, greater volume of air ​as a result of  "y" head​ axis.
  • Practice new, fuller volume with points of your vocal core in neutral.
  • Focus on your head and allow it to remain at rest in ​its new position ​while ​air moves inside of you. 
  • ​Feet and lower body remain in rested stance position.
  • Coordinate and re-calibrate stance ​to "y" axis.


  • ​At which points along the inhale does your head try to move back out of its neutral position?
  • When this occurs:
    • Still the motion of the inhale​, reset the head in the “y” axis position and resume.


Alexander Technique:

The Alexander Technique is a body alignment and movement modality that​ corrects the posture. It was developed by a classical actor after he rebuilt his damaged his ​actor voice with improper voice techniques. It is often a favorite choice for speakers, singers and actors. This method addresses the head and neck relationship in an elegant, efficient manner.  There are many YouTube videos available​. ​

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