Chapter One - "Voice Mechanics"

  • The Vocal Core - Where and how your voice is produced
  • Home Position - How to unlock the most important points of your vocal mechanism

Chapter Two - “Breathing Basics”

  • The parts of the breathing cycle
  • How and where to inhale and exhale
  • Breath motion and stillness - Air In, Air out, Stillness
  • Breath Volume - Comfortable Full

Chapter Three: Integrations and Practices

In Chapter Three, “Integrations and Practices,”  you will coordinate your breathing with your "Home" position.  Now that you’ve released the tension in your larynx, you can detect the subtle movements that  most support your voice.

  • How to sustain an open larynx when you are full of air​
  • How to ​use these techniques to unwind tension in the vocal core
  • Breath control
  • The ​nose to chest ​relationship
  • The Pause
  • ​​​​Hmmm

​Vocal Warm-ups

The techniques ​​in chapters one, two and three of this course compose your, “Warm-Up” period before you begin vocalizing.  You save time as well as wear and tear on your vocal mechanism​. You will find, over time, find that these small movements are your greatest tools. When these movements are strong, vocal tensions release and your voice naturally builds strength of tone and volume.

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