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Now that you have unlocked the essential points in your vocal core, you have space for more air.  In this ​lesson, Breathing Basics, we will name the essential parts of your breathing cycle and learn how to govern its flow.


  • The Breathing Cycle
  • How to Inhale and Exhale​
  • Top of the Breath​
  • Comfortable Full
  • Stillness at the Top of the Breath
  • Bottom of the Breath
  • ​Summary

Breathing in the Vocal Core

The Vocal Core, from middle of the head to middle of the chest, is the command center for the voice. It is where the breath is converted to sound and first amplified.

Before we can learn the advanced movements of lower body and diaphragm breathing, we must know the breathing processes in the upper body.

ALL of the most important vocal movements originate here, and are then supported by the rest of the body.

The Sensation of Breath and Voice

The study and mastery of voice requires us to slow down and familiarize ourselves with subtle sensations of breath and vibration.

When you slow the pace of your breathing, you will notice small sensations that you may not have noticed before. These small sensations are important trigger points for your voice and breathing process.


  • ​​Identify the Stages of the Breath​
  • Your Vocal Core expands and contracts with your breathing cycle at a comfortable level with all vocal release points open.
  • Larynx and throat tension are completely unwound from breathing process.
  • ​​Identify ​a comfortably full breath volume.
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