Your Home Position

In this unit we will talk about ​​​your vocal mechanism and the individual parts inside of your upper body that create your voice.

You will learn the specific points and movements to release​ tension in your voice.  ​Each point triggers​ the release​ in the next point down in your vocal mechanism. ​ These open positions are called your, “Home,” or “Resting” positions.

​Before we even make a sound, we have to put our instrument in an aligned position that naturally allows the voice to easily happen.  ​

Take your time. ​These fundamental movements are the movements that begin all the other advanced movements you will learn later in this course.

Focus on each point at a time and we’ll be able to move onto the next unit, ​"Breathing Basics."

​Now, let’s begin our studies and talk about sound, and how and where your voice is made. 

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