Warm-up  - The JAW release

ESSENTIAL: The jaw must be free of tension in order to elevate the soft palate.

Primary warm-up points: 

1. Jaw falls downward and moves forward and back without entanglements in the head. 
2. AFTER you are certain the jaw is free, you will lift cheeks in a smile without engaging the eyes, head and eyebrows.

  • Jaw falls from face. Mid-head line is dis-entangled
  • Slowly move jaw in separate directions. Down/up/forward/back without entanglements in head.
  • Roll jaw downwards to a two finger distance open. If two fingers is too much, slowly work your way there over time.
  • Roll jaw backwards
  • Take time to allow neck/head/shoulders to stretch and adapt to two fingers open.
  • Lift cheeks in a wide smile.
  • Dis-entangle eyes, eyebrows and mid-head line.

Don't ignore this slow preparation. The slow motion of the jaw and head release movements UNLOCK the soft palate. Moving too fast through the release movements will waste your warm-up. 

It would be like trying to enter a room before you unlock the door.

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