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​Congratulations! You have completed breathing portion of this course.

You have learned the most essential breathing terms and techniques that form the basis of great voice discoveries to come.

​- How to Inhale and Exhale
- The Breathing Cycle
- Top of the Breath
- Bottom of the Breath
- Volume - Comfortable Full
- Stillness
- Stillness at the top of the breath

​Prepare for Chapter Three

​In Chapter One, you unlocked the critical points of your vocal core. With all points at rest, your upper body has begun to expand with more breath. In Chapter Two - Breathing Basics, you have identified the parts of your breathing cycle and determined the sensation of fullness, or volume.

In Chapter Three you will coordinate your breathing with your newly open vocal core. The lessons of Chapter Three will help you to easily increase your breathing capacity and then learn how control the rate of your exhale.

With these three lessons, you will have freed the movements that build a strong, healthy voice.  

Unit 1 - How to prevent your throat from closing at the top of the breath.
Unit 2 - Breath Control
Unit 3 - The Nose/Chest Relationship  
Unit 4 - The Pause

​Thank you

​Thank you for your consistent focus thus far.

Although silent, these powerful techniques open your vocal spaces and prepare you so the very first sound you make in this course will land directly and easily into its own sweet spot​!

Kelly Kerr, Creator​
Kelly Kerr Vocal Method

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