Summary - Lessons One and Two

Lesson One - Home Position

  • How and where your voice is produced.
  • How and where your voice is produced.
  • First release movements  - Home Position

Lesson Two - Breathing Basics

  • How and where to breathe for the voice
  • The Breathing Cycle
  • Top of the Breath
  • Stillness at the Top of the Breath
  • Volume - How much air to inhale.
  • How to release throat tension when you're full of air.
  • Breath Control - How to govern the rate and direction of your breathing.

The techniques and vocabulary of Lessons One and Two are your first warm-up exercises for your voice. All further lessons are dependent upon an open vocal core and fluid breathing without tension in the larynx and the rest of the vocal core. Before you make a sound, you must be certain that your vocal apparatus is free of tension and able to expand to make and amplify your voice.

Move through the steps of Lessons One and Two at Optimum Tempo, mindful of entanglements or interference from unnecessary tension. The warm up portion of your vocal study resets your mind/body learning pace to speed at which you will make important vocal choices.

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