​Comma - A punctuation mark (,) indicating a pause between parts of a sentence.

 A rest between sounds. Of undefined length.

 The resting pauses between phrases to convey meaning and depth.

 We value the pause between sounds as much the sound in voice study  because e make key vocal choices in that moment between phrases.

It is essential to become comfortable with the PAUSE, as it is here that you will take the time to set new movements into place and detect old tension and stress in the vocal body.

You will make important breathing and voice choices in the silent moments between phrases.

Voice volume and your ability to ‘project’ your voice so that people can hear every word, is dependent upon what occurs during the pause.

​The Pause​ allows a moment to unlock habitual tension,​ take the vocal apparatus out of gear ​and place it in the most optimum positions for healthy vocal habits.  

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