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Voice Training Standards

Voice teachers adhere to a traditional set of standard skills that apply all forms of vocal styles. All truly great and lasting artists honor and practice a fundamental set of skills. What may appear to be an effortless performance is based upon many hours of practice and concentration. When we practice, we use the following standards to judge our efforts. 

Below is a list of traditional voice training qualities upon which the Kelly Kerr Vocal Method is built. 

- Conscious Understanding of Skills.
Students have an clear understanding of their vocal instrument with logical processes and voice vocabulary. LoThey can make conscious vocal choices to convey their songs and speeches. 

- Articulation

All vowels, syllables and words are clear and distinct. 

- Authentic Expression

A solid vocal technique allows the person to use the skills to find their own, unique and personal sound. All gestures, voice tone and movements support the vocal tone and message.  

- Cadence

Tonality and speed of phrases are varied. The audience can understand each word.

- Confidence - Presence

The singer/actor/speaker invites the audience to listen and understand. Voice study teaches how to build and sustain an elevated and authentic personal presence. Persona. Stage Presence. Magnetism.

- Intonation - Tonality

The singer is able to sing each pitch accurately without tension in medium, high and low vocal ranges. A speaker can vary the pitch of their message while maintaining a consistent tone quality. A healer can sustain a tone without throat tension. 

- Pain-free vocalization

Larynx and the rest of the body are free of tension and pain.

- Projection 
All syllables are audible to the listener equally. There are no places where the sound, “Drops out”.

- Tone Quality

Clear and consistent, pleasing tone throughout the entire vocal range. The voice moves up and down the vocal range without breaks. The tone quality remains at a consistent volume level.

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