Thank you for joining me in this workshop to show you how to increase the volume of your voice AND develop some skills to increase personal presence.

I am very excited to show you some specific principles and exercises to create immediate change in your voice and your appearance.

Your Practice and Materials

Daily practice of 20 - 25 minutes.
You will receive email updates and additional practice support for fourteen days. Email every other day. (approximately)

A spoken word piece. Poem. Original speech. Favorite article.

Private space, no interruptions. Warn your roomies that they will hear some interesting voices and sounds and give you some space. It could get ugly before it gets better.  

To observe your body’s response to breath, sound and presence. Standard equipment in all voice studios and practice sessions.

Transformative process. Lightening quick insights and slow pondering as you unwind old habits and beliefs about your voice and appearance.

Ready for change = Transformation

You’ve come here today because you are ready to change how you show up in the world. You are ready to:

Have your voice heard so that others can hear and understand.
Vary the pitch (ups and downs) of your speaking voice and develop a more pleasing tone.
Project an inner sense of power and confidence - so others will listen with interest and attention.

It’s all about the Breathing!

The best actors always say that their craft is, “ALL about the breathing”.  

They assume the voice and physical characteristics of different characters by working with the voice, breath and posture.  

We will use some of the most effective stage and voice actor exercises in today’s lesson.  

Standards of Training for Voice Communication:
Every word, every syllable audible and believable to listeners without pain or tension in throat or body.

Common Problems when trying to be heard

Sound like you’re yelling, screaming, screeching or whining.
Your voice automatic goes into a high and un-natural place.
Your throat hurts.
Your body makes new and odd movements.
Feel self conscious for taking people’s time and attention instead of empowered to speak what’s made you comment in the first place.
Your pace, or speed of delivery are either too fast or slow.  

We will address each of these concerns in this class.

Kelly bullet list of the things we will learn here.

Let’s begin.

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