About the Kelly Kerr Online Voice Training Method

About the Kelly Kerr Online Voice Training Method

​A step-by-step, online voice​ training ​method to improve your speaking and singing voice. ​ ​​Now, ​you can learn vocal techniques used by some of the world's greatest actors, singers and speakers​.

Kelly Kerr
Singer, Vocal Coach, Musician, Composer, Siren.

Began vocal training and public performance at age nine when she exhibited the vocal power of a full grown woman. Her teachers, direct teaching descendants of the great Italian bel canto tradition, taught the strictest musical standards of pure core tone, projection, intonation, breathing, musicality and presence.

She was a member of the groundbreaking Minnesota Opera Studio, where  the new performance methods to develop and strengthen, the “Complete, Radiant, Singer Actor”. The methods taught by her teachers became the bedrock for the modern singing/actor, authentic expression training of today.

She began teaching her own vocal method in private and public classes in 1980. The Kelly Kerr Vocal Method – An Instruction Course for the Voice.  The Kelly Kerr Vocal Method provides the fundamentals of vocal training that have trained the world’s greatest actors, speakers and singers.

“There are so many false assumptions about voice production that have a detrimental affect upon the voice.  Everyone seems to think everyone else knows the correct information, but it’s difficult to find. It is my privilege to have been taught by the best, and it is my responsibility to share with others. ” Kelly Kerr

True to the original call, “If you can sing opera, you can sing anything”, she is able to move in an instant between country gospel, blues, spiritual, comedic, operatic, and folk styles. Her musical compositions use the entire breadth of her substantial and expressive vocal range. As a pianist, she plays with fire and nuance. Currently, she is composing and rehearsing the multi-media performance of her, “Siren Chronicles”, a multi volume story about the exile and return of the ancient sirens.