April 7, 2022

Spring 2022

Been a few days.

I’ve been procrastinating my voice practice. Have gone about as long as I should since my last tuning that I risk backsliding into slack, wobbly tones.   

I promised myself 20 minutes, minimum. Just tune up and spin through the middle voice. Nothing fancy today.

“Do everything by the book.” (Of course.)

Most precise tuning. On tuning vowel, “oo”.  Middle high voice to mid-low. Open the head, mask and tune down the front of the face.

High noon. Let’s do this.

Four silent ah’s.

Silent breath pressure-building movements in lower body. Fill to head and readjust lower pressure.

Oo vowel in the eyes. Allowing sound waves to seek and expand within their resonant pockets.

Open face: Smile wide. Adjust and increase breath volume.

Feel soft and hard palates soften and conform to the sound waves.

Direct spinning tone, slowly, down the five-note tuning pattern.

Pulling up in the mask and soft palate as the sound moves forward and down the front of the face and mouth. Moving pitch only as fast as I can sustain the ringing tone. Giving body necessary time to expand with the sound waves.

Rest of body swells with breath pressure.

Descending diatonic and chromatic scales from Eyes/C5 down to A4.

Find and blend gaps.

20 minutes

It only took twenty minutes after missing four days.  Whew.