Vocal Fundamentals 101


Improve the sound of your voice. Simple, step-by-step online lessons with Kelly Kerr to release voice tension and discover your naturally beautiful voice.

Each lesson includes

1. Weekly online live lessons with Kelly Kerr
2. Written class notes, video and audio learning materials.


Vocal Fundamentals 101

Online class – Eight sessions

Essential voice training for the singer and speaker. Learn vocal mechanics and breathing techniques to discover and strengthen the natural voice.

  • How to warm-up the voice.
  • Basic breathing
  • Essential posture
  • Release throat tension and pain.
  • Increase voice volume
  • Expand the highs and lows of your voice for more expression.
  • Improve voice tone.

Everyone is born with the qualities to build a beautiful singing and speaking voice. However, habits of language and culture can misdirect the voice into resonant null zones.

Trained voice performers use specific physical movements and breathing techniques to open and strengthen a beautiful voice. Now, you will learn the same traditional voice techniques used by the world’s greatest singers, actors and performers.

Vocal Fundamentals level 101 focuses upon the vocal core, the upper third of the body. It is the critical foundational class upon which Vocal Fundamentals 102 and 103 depend. Many vocal issues will resolve with these critical techniques.