“She simplified, demystified the whole vocal process and gave me immediate steps that changed my voice.
Jessica N., Seattle

My speaking voice had been growing more scratchy over the years. Kelly showed me how to ease up and feel for the sweet and easy, pain free center of my voice. With some practice, I was able to increase my voice volume and heal the pain in my throat. And my husband doesn’t complain that he can’t hear me anymore.
V. N.,  Portland

“After the first lesson with Kelly, I noticed a huge improvement in my voice. I was able to hold the notes for much longer and take less time breathing in between lines. Her teaching was so clear, concise and full of rich information, it was easy to apply outside of the lesson. Not only is Kelly a great teacher, she is encouraging and motivating in all aspects of life. Ever since the first lesson, I have been looking forward to the next. Even the first lesson was so rich with great information, that I would love to have the opportunity to take it again. The best part though, is those around me that noticed a change in my voice, and my confidence.”
Lauren K., Seattle

I am a retired choir teacher and I was not trained to teach vocal mechanics in college.  Kelly has finally addressed this lack of basic education in our industry. She explains the fundamentals of vocal productions with an ease and grace that allows the student to immediately grasp theory and practice. I wish I had received this training while in college. Well done, Kelly. Well Done.
Cynthia A., WA

“I had always assumed that I had inherited the family voice — a wavering, croaking struggle to find a note and follow a melody. I resigned myself to a life of ‘tone deafness’ – until I met Kelly. In one lesson she showed me that I not only had a voice, but that I had a good range, that I could not only find the right notes, but that I could actually sing! Through breath control she taught me how to project and sustain my voice. Thanks, Kelly.”
Tom C., Seattle

“For the first time in my life, Kelly helped me to feel in my body the experience of singing a note on key. The first time that I accomplished this, I was in pure bliss. She helped me become truly aware that my body is a musical instrument. Her voice lessons have changed my life forever. Kelly is a profoundly knowledgeable teacher and sweet soul. I recommend her work to anyone who seeks the joy of singing in his or her life.”
Ron T., MFT Spiritual Teacher and Licensed Psychotherapist, Carlsbad, California

She has a tremendous gift for bringing out the best in anyone. And the miracle is that it happens right away! Not only am I learning how to expand my lung capacity but I also found that I possessed an ability I had never really acknowledged – a real singing voice! This has changed my direction and allowed many different possibilities for me in my life!”
Lisa D.
, Montana

“With innovative teaching techniques, and a style of explanation of the functions of the body while singing, I have learned a myriad of skills that help me each and every time I sing to get the very best possible sound and breath control. Her professionalism, drive, performance capabilities and “sense of fun” are constantly cause for wonderment and delight every time we take the stage. I have great respect for her abilities to enhance and encourage any singer to rise to a new level of musicianship. I highly recommend to anyone wanting to “find a voice” to seek Kelly out and study with her. I can guarantee immediate improvement and a loving atmosphere in which to learn.”
Susan H., Las Vegas, Nevada

 “My lessons with Kelly helped me to understand that in order get that bigger, louder, higher, more intense voice that I was striving for I needed to slow down and start from the beginning and work my way up from the ‘small voice’. She helped me to relax my voice and my throat before singing and to warm in up in a way that actually opened it up further and allowed me to sing in ways that I NEVER was able to previously. I could sing louder or softer and reach upper notes easily that I had to struggle and stretch my voice before to reach. Her method made singing not only easier but it also made me sound better!”


“Kelly is a professional performing musician herself and understands the need for stage presence. She showed me how to relax and loosen my facial muscles and use them in conjunction with my voice to help portray the feeling or style of music that I was singing. Kelly helped me to walk new ground and break through constricting doors with my voice. Her curriculum can do the same for any dedicated musician.”
Shane S., Seattle