Essential skills for voice health.

Sing with Confidence

Step-by-step vocal training to help you find YOUR beautiful voice.

Learn the essential skills to discover and strengthen your voice

with Vocal Coach, Kelly Kerr

If you can talk, you can sing!

Now, YOU can learn the techniques used by the world's greatest singers.

People tend to believe that only a few fortunate people are gifted with a beautiful voice; that either you are born with talent or you aren't. They couldn't possible know the vocal secrets that professional singers practice daily to build a world class voice. 

Now, the secrets that have only been available in music conservatories, colleges and private voice studios are available to YOU. Learn the most effective voice and breathing techniques to build a gorgeous, strong, confident singing voice. 

With a few hours a week of practice, you can find your authentic voice and SING YOUR HEART out!  You will LOVE the sound of your own natural voice!

Find Your Voice

With these essential skills you will discover your clear, healthy voice!

Four Class Voice Lessons
Four Vocal Workouts - (Guided practice session)

Two online sessions per week. (Zoom)

Tuesdays, 10:00 - 11:15 am PST
January 23 - February 13

Vocal Workouts
Thursdays 10:00 - 10:45 am PST
January 25 - February 15


*Group rates available: bands, choirs, learning buddies. To Inquire:


Lesson 1: How your voice works. First vocal warm-ups.

Discover the ten movements to unlocks your healthy, natural voice.

Learn how your voice is produced. Your first vocal warm-up will release voice strain and begin to strengthen the most important points of the vocal tract.  


Lesson 2: Breathing for the voice

Breathing for the voice is different than everyday breathing. Learn the parts of the breathing cycle and how to slowly increase your breathing capacity to fuel your new voice. 


Lesson 3: Find Your True Voice

With vocal strain gone, you can discover your healthy, core voice. Your unique voice will become stronger and your confidence will grow because you're working WITH the natural design of your body's voice. 


Lesson 4: The Middle Voice

Most of your singing is in the middle part of your vocal range. However, most of us carry tension in the exact points of our vocal body that SHOULD open to the voice. Learn specific exercises to release tension and build strength in the middle voice.


Lesson 5: Posture

Proper Stance and Posture provide structural support for your breathing and voice production. You will re-calibrate your breathing, vocal style and confidence with aligned and correct posture.


Lesson 6: Pause and Practice

You body needs time to integrate the skills you have learned thus far. These techniques provide the foundation for advanced skills and practical applications. Here, you learn to apply the skills you've learned so far.  


Lesson 7: Lower Body Breathing

With strong stance and posture, your lower body will engage to provide breath, resonate and structural support. Only after the upper and lower body breathing skills are isolated and strong can we add the famous diaphragm breathing of the final lessons of this course.


Lesson 8: Diaphragm skills

The diaphragm has been working naturally up to this time. NOW, you learn specific diaphragm movements to provide breath and resonant support. 

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

  • Weekly online group class with Kelly Kerr (75 minutes)
  • Vocal workouts - Vocal Exercise Class (50 minutes)
  • Lesson assignments and step-by-step practice materials to develop your singing voice. Improvement happens in as little as three hours of study a week.
  • Email practice reminders and aides
  • Bonus learning materials
Improve the Sound of Your Voice

Your voice has a wide range of tones that move painlessly up and down in pitch with a strong, clear sound.

Breathing for the Voice

Expand your breathing capacity so you don't run out of air when you sing.

Increase Vocal Confidence

Vocal confidence grows when you know the exact movements to develop your voice. No more guessing or relying on a lucky break. KNOW what you can do to sound great!

Reduce Voice Strain

Learn how to unlock voice and throat pain with specific movements that work WITH the natural design of your body's voice. 

Bonus 1
Weekly Vocal Workouts

In addition to your weekly lesson, you are invited to attend an additional online practice session, known as a Vocal Workout.


In this 20 minute workout, we will review the previous lesson materials and answer your vocal questions.

Bonus 2
Practice Reminders

Voice study requires consistent, focused practice. You will receive email reminders that will direct you to the lesson materials that will most help you meet your voice goals. 

Find out how other students are adjusting to the new techniques and how their practice time has already changed their voice.  

Bonus 3
Additional Resources

You will receive emails with additional singing , harmony, speaking voice resources to support your training.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much practice time do you require?

In order to achieve the maximum results in this six week course, please schedule at least an hour and a half of practice time a week in addition to your online lesson. You may break your practice into small, five, ten or twenty minute sessions as long as you are focused only on the materials. These techniques are simple, and the secret of success lies in repeating them until they become automatic. The foundational movements are the backbone of your entire vocal success. Slow and steady efforts create long-lasting results.

I have never sung before. Will I be able to keep up with more experienced people?

Even people who have previously studied voice must practice the fundamentals. These core techniques provide the backbone for advanced voice and performance techniques. There is no "Keeping up", once you enter voice study, you join the most advanced singers in daily practice of these same fundamentals. THESE are the movements that truly create lasting voice beauty and strength. 

Can you help people who are tone deaf?

Yes! You will learn specific techniques to unlock your voice and listening abilities. If you can talk, you have everything you need to adapt your voice to singing in tune. Your body is designed to produce and resonate sound. Now, you will learn how to feel your voice move in tune.  

What can I learn in only eight eeks?

You will learn how and why to release vocal strain and replace it with clear, healthy core vocal tone. You will learn basic breathing skills and proper posture to support this new core voice. We will explore the middle, and most used part of your vocal range. High and low voice ranges come in future classes and depend upon the solid foundation of these first six weeks. 

Will you teach me to sing with my diaphragm?

Yes and no. You must first release and strengthen the parts of the vocal and breathing body that have inhibited the full use of your diaphragm. Once tension is disentangled from the breathing/singing mechanism, the diaphragm naturally engages. The powerful diaphragm breathing is taught in future classes and DEPENDS UPON the alignment and techniques taught in this introductory class. You will be eligible for the advanced diaphragm breathing after completion of this course. 

How to sing without hurting my throat?

You will learn exactly HOW to unlock throat tension in Lesson One. The next five lessons will strengthen the other muscles that prevent your throat from closing in on the sound. You will learn to use your upper body to support your voice and prepare you for the advanced techniques that will improve your vocal sound with a fully relaxed throat and larynx. 

I just want to sound good to myself. I don't want to sing professionally or for others. Should I take your course? 

Voice study is an active meditation that aligns the body, breath and soul. There is great pleasure in simply sustaining pure, clear tone; without singing a song. This is an intensive course that requires a minimum of three hours a week. If you are willing to make the time commitment, you will find great satisfaction in the sensation and sound of your own voice.

Do you offer private lessons to individuals and choirs?

Individual private and group lessons are available by contacting and are based upon the critical fundamental techniques taught in this course. We will adapt these techniques to your band, choir or individual song repertoire.

Will I have to sing out loud in class? Can others hear me?

You will not be heard by other students. All students mute their microphones while doing exercises and practices.

About Kelly Kerr Vocal Method

Kelly Kerr developed the Kelly Kerr Vocal Method to provide fundamental voice training that is commonly found only in elite private voice studios. Essential fundamentals that develop a world class voice are simple and easy, yet, few know they exist. 

Kelly has simplified these most important voice techniques, and placed them into a step-by-step instruction course that allows ANYONE to develop a beautiful voice. 

An Online Vocal Instruction Course with Voice Coach, Kelly Kerr

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